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Curt Hofstra

The newest addition to our installation team at Midwest Sign Company is Curt Hofstra, our lead installer and installation manager that has over 15 years of experience at local and national level sign companies. He is CDL certified, giving him the ability to operate our new Elliott truck. He is also a licensed sign specialist and can install anything that is thrown at him. He brings to the table experience with channel letter signs, monument signs, large pylon signs, as well as the small stuff like wayfinding signage and ADA compliant interior signage. But what he also brings is a knowledge unseen that can navigate any waters necessary.

Curt is the proud father of three girls and husband to Andrea Hofstra. Although Curt has worked all around the country as a sign installer, his family has always been based here in West Michigan, part of the reason why he decided to come back and work for a local sign company. Even as an installer, Curt’s passion for signs bleeds into his personal life, and when he encounters someone he knows that owns their own business, he is always the first to offer help in sprucing up the face of their company. Knowledge, passion, and ability. These are the kind of people that “work” here. This is what we are about.

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