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Our Fleet

Mobile Graphic Unit – With the explosion of production that the vinyl department experienced came many more offsite installs. The Ford Transit connect, aka Mobile Graphic Unit, is the youngest member of our fleet, but has already achieved great distances on trips to Detroit, Chicago, and even as far as North Carolina. This feisty, vinyl toting machine will be responsible for assisting in many jobs, large and small, here in Grand Rapids as well as nationwide using fast and efficient means.  

Enclosed Trailer – Our largest form of mobile advertisement, the enclosed trailer boasts a large amount of transportation space as well. This unit has made multiple out of state trips, transporting everything from monument signs to channel letters to bush base signs. If you see this thing rolling down the street, you know we mean business and we are on our way to something big.

Flatbed Truck – This Ford F-250 Super Duty was originally bought to make long trips, two of which went all the way to Oregon, but has since turned from long distance traveler to power hauler. With a 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel motor, this beast has hauled thousands of pounds of signage and signage materials to jobsites without a bat of an eye. With a newly installed aluminum flatbed, it is convenient for hauling sign jobs with many small parts and require only one man.

Big van – Our 2016 Ford Transit van is an eco-boosted V-6 vehicle that packs both power and utility. We use it for jobs that include large panels, small site signs, and even monument signs like one we did for Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, Connecticut. It carries anything, and it goes the distance. 

Bucket truck – The “little brother” to our Elliott Boom Truck is our 45-foot Dodge Ram 4500 bucket truck. Although smaller, this unit is the veteran of our fleet. Having endured harsh winters and scorching summers, our bucket truck has seen over 1000 installs ranging from small channel letter jobs to monstrous monuments and everything in between. It gets the job done and in an efficient matter.

Elliott – The feature of our fleet, the Freightliner Elliott Boom Truck, is our newest addition. This is a truck set up specifically for sign transportation, setup, and installation. It boasts a 5900lb crane with 60 feet of extension to reach the highest of highs and the furthest of fars. With this machine, we are able to install large pylon signs (40+ feet), heavy monument signs, and high reaching wall signs that most trucks can’t reach. We are excited for the opportunities this truck opens up and even more for our customers, who can now get almost any sign they dream up installed without a blink of an eye.

Ford Focus – Our salesman tool, the 2015 Ford Focus, gets us from point A to B to C in the blink of an eye, all the while saving the Earth with high MPGs. This little racer gets, on average, 35 mpg so even the longest of trips burn up minimal fuel. Although not used often for signage installs, this car allows our salesman to come to you, to discuss any questions you may have and to get an idea of what your dream is, in person. If you see this thing scooting around town, give it a wave and I’m sure you’ll get a wave and a smile back!

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