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Wall Signs

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Wall Signs
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Advertise and make a good first impression with a wall sign that will get your establishment noticed. Midwest Sign can custom design your wall sign to fit your budget and your building’s architecture. Wall signs can be a simple cabinet with a slide in face, portraying your logo with or without light. Another common wall sign is getting custom shape cabinets where your sign takes shape of your logo, also lit or non-lit. A little more would be channel letter signs, either direct or raceway mounted. See channel letters for more details. 

The key to a successful wall sign, just as it is with a business, is location, location, location. Determining where to put your wall sign on your building is as simple as identifying where the most traffic will see it. What is the busiest street adjacent to your building? Once you determine that, place your sign where it is most visible from the road. 

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