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Electronic signs

Electronic Signs

Electronic signs
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Experience the pinnacle of signage technology with Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), also known as LED message center signs. These cutting-edge displays allow you to showcase dynamic digital images and messages that can be easily created and controlled right from your own computer. Whether you're looking to display sporadic announcements, schedule messages in advance, or make real-time updates, an EMC offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

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Thanks to broadband connections, you can remotely transmit data to your EMC from virtually anywhere with phone service or Wi-Fi access. This means you have the power to change your messages on the fly, ensuring that your signage remains relevant and engaging at all times. With vibrant colors, multiple resolutions, and endless customization options, EMCs offer limitless possibilities for communication and brand promotion.

For businesses that value versatility and frequent message changes, an EMC is an invaluable addition to your signage arsenal. Whether you're promoting daily specials, announcing upcoming events, or simply showcasing your brand in a dynamic and eye-catching way, an EMC is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Electronic signs

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At Midwest Sign, we're proud to be the #1 Watchfire Dealer in Michigan for 2015. Watchfire is renowned for manufacturing the most technologically advanced digital signs on the market, and we're honored to supply their LED message centers in our signage solutions.


With our expertise and Watchfire's cutting-edge technology, we'll help you choose the perfect message center for your business, ensuring that your signage stands out and makes a memorable impact on your audience.

Watchfire Certified Service
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