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The most advanced signage you can have is the Electronic Message Center also known as an EMC or LED message center sign. These signs display digital images and messages created on YOUR computer. It is easily controlled, and the messages can be sporadic, scheduled, and changed at any time. Broadband connections also allow for transmitting data to the units from remote locations, meaning you can change your message from anywhere where you have phone service or Wi-Fi. These colorful signs make a big impression and communicate unlimited messages. If you like to change your messages frequently, this can be a great addition to your sign. With multiple resolution and color choices, let us help you choose the best message center for your business. 


Midwest Sign is proud to be the #1 Watchfire Dealer in Michigan for 2015! Watchfire offers the most technologically advanced digital signs available. They supply us with the LED message centers we use in our signage. 

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