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3M Preferred Installer

Back when we only had one Midwest Sign truck on the road, customers would mention seeing our trucks (plural) all over town. Like I said, we had ONE truck, but people were under the impression that we had multiple trucks in many different parts of the city. I think this really conveys the power of a moving advertisement; AKA: vehicle graphics. This shows you how much more exposure you can gain instead of just limiting yourself to a main identification sign.

Vehicle graphics can range anywhere from about $180 to $3500. You can get a simple line of cut vinyl with your name and phone number or you can get the entire vehicle wrapped. And many options in between those two extremes as well. But no matter what you get, we know you’ll want it to look nice. We want that just as much! In order to provide you with peace of mind when you hand over your vehicle to us, we sent our graphics installer to Geek Wraps University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL so he could become 3M preferred. 3M is the brand of vinyl and it is an art to apply. Wrinkles and bubbles in the vinyl wrap can happen easily and do not look professional at all. Making sure every part of the vinyl is straight and cohesive is key to producing a perfect vehicle wrap. We don’t want these things going wrong and is part of the reason why we wanted to become 3M Preferred and be able to say with confidence that we are one of the best vehicle wrap installers around.

The process to get the title of 3M preferred isn’t easy and not many people can say they’ve been certified. In a class of 10, our guy Ryan was one of three to graduate the course. He had to make it through a rigorous hands-on and written test over the course of five days. We’re so glad we put our trust in Ryan and that he came back victorious.

We are proud to have this title and be able to offer it to you. From the moment you decide to give us a call to the moment you drive away in your new moving billboard, we know you’ll be satisfied. You’ll be greeted with a smile, you’ll have extremely talented designers work with you on creating the perfect wrap, and you’ll have a highly qualified guy completing the job.

Give us a call today! 800.245.5800

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