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New Year, New Sign?

Between January 1st and January 30th, it is hard to find a person who isn’t looking to make changes to their life in 2018. Whether it is kicking a nasty habit or dropping a few pounds, they want to improve their situation in some way. For business owners, the goal is always to have a better year than the last. Improving their brand, upping their advertising, or simply boosting sales are examples of a few. Something that can help all three: new signage.

According to an article published by Quickbooks, “[a] well-crafted business sign is critical to making a good first impression on potential customers — and building brand awareness.” Branding is what your company stands for on all levels; quality of product, customer service, and culture. These are important factors for a customer when deciding where they will obtain their next “something.” A quality, professional looking sign is the face of the company, the brand in which they are trying to sell.

Three rules to abide by when creating a sign that will pull in customers. Color, design, size and location.

Bold, well-contrasted colors will gain the attention of a customer. The most well-known contrasted colors to do that are white-on-black and black-on-yellow, but that doesn’t mean that every business should be attracted to only these combinations. Essentially any dark color on light color and vice-versa can really make the logo and text stand out.

Popular design can change year to year. It is important to see what trends are popular when designing your sign. At the inception of this article, bold, simple font is the way to go. The extravagancy of signs from years past has simply faded away. People want to see the clear message and fast.

Size and location of the sign is the most crucial aspect of signage. For some storefronts, the only option is right above the door, like for tenants of strip malls. In the case when a business has an entire building, it is important to consider where the sign will be seen the most; where is the most traffic in relation to the building? Depending on the property, it could be best to have a wall sign hanging or a monument or pylon on the ground. Once the location is set, the size of the sign must be determined to make sure that it maximizes its visibility.

Signs aren’t just a decoration or a label for the company. They are a key to a business’s success. Placing a perfectly placed and sized, professional sign on your property can take your company from dud to stud. Improve; isn’t that what we are all trying to do this New Year?

Shoot over to our contact page to see about getting your business a new sign today!

We drew inspiration for this article from a Quickbooks Small Business article Well-crafted Business Signs Draw More Customers.

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