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Super Spotlight: Super Channel Bender

Channel letters have become one of the most popular options of signage among customers in recent years, but also dating back to the mid-20th century. It began with open face neon channel letters and has morphed into the more popular, eco-friendly closed-face channel letters lit by LEDs. Don’t get me wrong, neon signs are still a hot commodity (literally), but when considering channel letters, the average consumer wants those little bulbs that will last hundreds of thousands of hours without burnout.

Keeping up with channel letter demand means sign companies like us are adopting the newest and greatest methods of building them. We went from handcrafting and bending these letters to letting a machine do the dirty work while we tend to other necessary processes of sign production. For Midwest Sign Company, the Super Channel Bender has worked wonders in initiating channel letter projects by reducing our bend time by almost 33% from our last machine.

Not only is speed a major benefit of this machine, but it also allows us to produce a wide variety of channel letters, increasing our arsenal of offers to clients. Its patented ability to broach material results in clean, sharp bends. We can create shapes anywhere from a circle all the way to a star, reaching angles up to 120°.

Whether it’s 1” material or 8” material, the Super Channel Bender can create flange AND reverse channel letters. What does this mean? Reverse channel letter material doesn’t receive sidewall flange because it will open on the back, lit letters lighting the wall behind the letters. The flange channel letters receive backs that need to be attached to the flanged portion, lit letters lighting the face. Our advantage is that we can craft any type of channel letter we are asked.

What does this mean for you, the customer? Stars, stripes, letters or numbers, small, large, or in between, we can make it. Our channel letter selection is infinite and only limited by your imagination. The possibilities are endless

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